What if Iā€™m too scared to speak?

Totally understand. It's nerve-wracking to put yourself out there and make mistakes. Fortunately, you'll be surrounded by people making mistakes. To make it easier, bring a buddy. We will also have "listener" stickers available for those who are feeling nervous or just want to absorb.


Do I have enough language experience to do this?

People that have zero language experience are still welcome to come. Maybe you'll pick up a word or two.


Is the event free?

YES! But drinks are not. Normal prices for drinks in exchange for letting us use the space for free.


Are drinks free?

No. Tip your bartender!


How do I know there will be good speakers there?

We make sure there are fluent speakers at each event. Contact


Will there be future events in other languages?

Yes! If you have a specific interest, email